Examen Nº 6: Lectura, comprensión y análisis de textos / Tiempo Imperativo

A) Lea el artículo y realice el ejercicio.

On the Field
(1) So much of football is a mind game. Before a game I always think of good things, so I go on to the field in a positive frame of mind and not feeling self-conscious or nervous. Certain pressures can really get you down. It is easy to let these things overtake you and actually swamp you when you should be making an effort to be positive and have real strength of mind.

(2) When I first started playing I was much more anxious than I am now. In my first professional game I had a headache all the way through - tension, really, because it was such an important match. I don't think the headache really affected my performance, but it was a waste of energy. Nevertheless, I think you need some anxiety because the adrenalin gives you an edge.

(3) When you are playing football at a high level, it becomes a matter of instinct. If the ball comes to me in a certain way, what I will do is not a conscious action. I will deal with that ball in a way that somebody who doesn't play football wouldn't understand. It's a quick reaction of the feet, a change of balance, a change of weight - and before you know it, the ball is under control.

(4) I think a player is always trying to evaluate situations. I am like a computer, taking in a lot of information and adjusting and evaluating it. If the ball is on my side of the pitch, I will immediately be checking out where everybody is and changing my position according to that. Taking in and processing the information becomes a habit.

(5) I am heavily left-footed, so I have to practise with my right foot. A lot of my friends who are right-handed can still do things with their left - for example they can throw a ball quite well. I'm left-handed, but if I were to throw a ball with my right hand, I would look a complete idiot.

Consigna: Luego de leer y comprender el texto, elija el encabezado más adecuado para cada parte (1-5) del artículo. Escriba sus respuestas en los espacios a continuación. Cinco de los títulos no son adecuados para ninguna parte: márquelos con un 0 (cero).

a) Lacking a certain skill (_______)
b) A common misunderstanding (_______)
c) Confidence is essential (_______)
d) Remember your successes (_______)
e) Rapid analysis (_______)
f) Anyone can do it (_______)
g) No thought required (_______)
h) Making the wrong choice (_______)
i) Not just in football (_______)
j) Being nervous - both good and bad (_______)

B) Oraciones Imperativas: Escriba las palabras en el orden correcto para formar una frase.

1. hands / your / wash / !

2. lie / me / ! / don't / to

3. go / cinema / ! / the / let's / to

4. TV / ! / don't / watch

5. play / football / ! / let's

6. clean / bedroom / ! / your

7. other / hit / don't / each / !

8. not / argue / let's / .

9. toys / up / pick / your / all / !

10. walls / the / ! / stain / of / room / don´t / the

Respuestas correctas:


a) 5
b) 0
c) 1
d) 0
e) 4
f) 0
g) 3
h) 0
i) 0
j) 2


1. Wash your hands!
2. Don´t lie to me!
3. Let´s go to the cinema!
4. Don´t watch TV!
5. Let´s play football!
6. Clean your bedroom!
7. Don´t hit each other!
8. Let´s not argue.
9. Pick up all your toys!
10. Don´t stain the walls of the room!