Examen Nº 7: Formas verbales, pronombres y adverbios

A) Elegir la opción correcta para completar el espacio vacío en cada oración.

1. It's high time we _____________ the car tires.

a. replace
b. replaced
c. should replace

2. If you ______________ see him, please tell him to call me.

a. should
b. will
c. would

3. I wish I ________________ a map with me. Now I'm lost.

a. took
b. have taken
c. would take

4. I'd rather you ______________ your homework before going out with your friends.

a. do
b. did
c. will do

5. They don't want to lose their jobs. They would rather ______________ a salary cut.

a. accept
b. accepted
c. have accepted

6. The meal was _______________ awful!

a. very
b. incredibly
c. absolutely

7. He is _______________ more experienced than her.

a. so
b. far
c. the

8. She had her first child when she was 18, _______________ was not uncommon at the time.

a. which
b. what
c. why

9. The reason _______________ we are here today is to discuss the syllabus of the new course.

a. because
b. why
c. that

10. I wish you ________________ call me when you are late for dinner.

a. will
b. won't
c. would

11. _______________ children were given the first prize.

a. both of
b. both

12. I have ______________ time _____________ patience to put up with his moodiness.

a. neither...nor
b. either...or

13. He ____________ studied for the exam. He knew he was going to pass.

a. hard
b. hardly

14. He studied ______________ for the exam. He wasn't sure he was going to pass.

a. hard
b. hardly

B) Determine si las siguientes frases son gramaticalmente correctas.

1. No sooner had he turned off the light that the bed started to shake under him.

a. Cierto
b. Falso

2. Hardly had we started eating when the phone rang.

a. Cierto
b. Falso

3. That he should pass the exam it is unbelievable.

a. Cierto
b. Falso

4. What you need is a good night's sleep.

a. Cierto
b. Falso

5. I had my hair cut myself.

a. Cierto
b. Falso